A Blog is a simple to use, free of cost internet tool that is used by millions of individuals around the world. But with the right kind of technical & logical inputs, we convert this utility into a cutting edge marketing solution.

For the technically savvy, this tool gives you the best of the both worlds. You get a easy to use tool that ends your dependence on website developers, hosting companies, search engine marketing companies, B2B portals etc. at just one go.

We create the whole structure that confirms to many Google parameters and every new page you create would have multiple diverse yet relevant keywords that cover all your products and markets related keywords and can generate good business for you.

Features of a Corporate Blog:
  • A Self Managed Business Promotion Tool
  • Extremely user friendly: It can be updated on a regular basis without technical knowledge
  • Integrated with your Company Domain eg.: blog.yourcompany.com
  • Dynamic & Flexible: Create unlimited pages, Upload unlimited pictures and videos
  • Appears in Google Rankings very Quickly with our specialized coding
  • No Third Party Dependence
  • Targeted Promotions
  • Promote your existing websites via Corporate Blog
  • Can be Integrated with Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Designed and Customized as per your requirement
  • Flexibility to outsource promotions to us anytime as per your requirement
  • No Recurring / Renewal Cost

Cost Advantages of a Corporate Blog:
  • Just a one time Investment
  • No recurring / renewal costs
  • No yearly hosting fee renewal
  • No need to get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) separately
  • Every page created would be search engine friendly
  • The design & coding are favorable to be picked up by Google
  • Flexibility to outsource promotions to us anytime as per your requirement